Love Dust

Love Dust

In the not too distant future, the rise of androids has resulted in massive job loss and political strife. Not even actor, James, is immune from the ramifications, as he struggles find work in the rapidly changing landscape. When James gets one last opportunity to star in a western, Love Dust, he falls for a new co-star on set, but little does he know…his co-star has a secret.

AFI Cycle Film
Dir: Davis Northern, DP: Nan Li

Love Story

Fear of the “Other”
Self Determination

Design Goals
Use production design to build a believable, fleshed out world with depth.

Create a strong sense of contrast between the western and future worlds to visually communicate contrasting ideologies. Create emotional space to bolster romance.

Sets / Location:
INT – James Apt – Build
EXT – Alley – Location Dress
EXT – Overpass – Location Dress
INT – Dressing Room – Location Dress
EXT – Saloon – Location Dress
INT – Saloon – Location Dress